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The cost of hiring a professional photographer.

Here I try to  break down the cost of hiring a professional photographer, this article is good for both clients looking to hire a photographer and photographers wanting to know how to calculate their cost. As with many other industries, professionals get paid for their time, and this is determined by the field there in Read the full article...

Top Premium Quality Joomla Template (Free)

I have compiled a list of top premium quality Joomla template free downloads to help you get started in creating your awesome online portfolio. JA Elastica Joomla! Responsive Template Premium Quality Joomla Template, Web has spread to mobiles, tablets, netbooks and other handheld devices. Do you think your site is ready to serve them all? Responsive Read the full article...


Briite WordPress theme

Briite WordPress Theme is for portfolio presentation: It’s important that your work gets the showcase it deserves. Briite offers a simple clean plug-&-play way of showcasing your work without the headache of extra configurations.

Global Warming Horizontal Escaping Doge

Global Consciousness

What we do, not only affects us, but everything we share this world with. Support global consciousness.

Things a designer hates to hear

Things a designer hates to hear

Ok, here is a list of things myself and my fellow designers hates to hear from our clients. I dub this post “Things a designer hates to hear”.